Efteling makes VR version of Droomvlucht attraction for wheelchair users

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The Efteling theme park in Kaatsheuvel has announced that it is making a VR version of the Droomvlucht attraction. This virtual experience of Droomvlucht is intended for people with disabilities.

In the Efteling, Droomvlucht is one of the few attractions that is not accessible to many people with disabilities for safety reasons. An Efteling employee came up with the idea for a virtual reality version of Dream Flight and also developed it himself, Efteling reports.

The idea is that all the senses are stimulated and the Droomvlucht attraction is accurately simulated. Not only are VR glasses used, but also means are used so that the wheelchair user must feel, smell and hear the same as the guests who visit the regular attraction. The visitor stays in contact with possible fellow visitors via headphones.

A spokesperson for Efteling reports that the plan is still in the concept phase. For example, it is not yet clear exactly what technology and, for example, which VR glasses will be used. For the VR experience, a separate house will be built near the regular exit of the Droomvlucht attraction. Two rooms have been built in it; each room can accommodate a wheelchair user and an accompanying person, who can experience the VR tour together.

It is expected that the first guests with a disability will be able to experience the virtual variant of Droomvlucht in the spring of 2018. An exact opening date has not yet been announced.

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