EA adjusts Need for Speed: Payback microtransactions

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Electronic Arts has decided to change the progression and loot crates system in Need for Speed: Payback. This makes it easier to unlock new cars via the in-game money system.

The developer Ghost Games detailed what is changing in a post on Reddit. Players now earn more reputation points and Bank credits through so-called bait crates or when participating in special events. In addition, players gain more reputation points and Bank credits if they complete an event without finishing in first place. Furthermore, air suspension will appear more often in Shipments.

The changes should have been implemented by now. The developer also reports that more changes are being made, especially in the area of ​​tuning the cars. Ghost Games has not disclosed when these changes will take effect.

Ghost Games says the updates have been made to make the progression in the game a better experience for players. No further explanation is given in the message as to why these changes were made. The developer suggests that the updates are based on community feedback and game data.

Last week, EA temporarily disabled microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Players will not be able to purchase Crystals for the time being and all progress in the game must be achieved through gameplay. EA and DICE have taken the rigorous step after the massive criticism of the game’s microtransactions and loot boxes.

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