Driver update: Matrox G400/G450 (Win 2k)

crepo was the first to point out the new Windows 2000 drivers for the Matrox G400 and G450 cards. A lot has been improved in this version:

– DX Diag now reports AGP texturing is enabled.
– Fixed no output of real media via DVD Max.
– Fixed windows roll up feature.
– Fixed missing menu screens when running Softimage at 1280x1024x32bit.
– Improved high CPU usage when DVDmax is enabled.
– Fixed Pro/DESKTOP corruption resizing workspace when using objects defined from the object palette.
– Fixed problem with X-plane not loading.
– Fixed text corruption problem with Unigraphics V17.0.
– Fixed Oni premature exit.

[break]NB! So these are only drivers for Windows 2000. The drivers for Windows 98 and Me can be found here.[/break]

Version number 5.52.010
Operating systems Windows 2000
Website Matrox