Crowdfunding campaign for fat smartphone with 18,000mAh battery does not achieve its target

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Energizer’s crowdfunding campaign to release a smartphone with an 18,000mAh battery has failed. Only 11 people supported the project on Indiegogo. The manufacturer planned to raise 1.2 million euros.

After the campaign on Tuesday, the counter stands at 13,384 euros. That amount comes from eleven people who supported the project. Avenir Telecom, the French company that makes smartphones under the Energizer name, has thus far failed to achieve its goal.

Commenting on its own campaign, Avenir Telecom says it will continue to improve the phone in terms of ‘design and thickness’. The company thinks there is interest in smartphones with a good battery life that can also be used as a power bank.

At the beginning of this year, the Energizer P18K was announced. Initially, the manufacturer only showed the front, so it was not clear how thick the device is. At the Mobile World Congress, the manufacturer took a prototype of the device and it turned out that the phone is 2.2 cm thick. This makes the device almost three times as thick as modern high-end smartphones. Despite the size, a 3.5mm connection is missing.

Candidates could sign up for a copy on Indiegogo by committing a minimum of 490 euros to the project. The manufacturer planned to put a Helio P70 soc in the device, along with 6GB of ram and 128GB flash storage. The 6.2″ screen has no notch because the front camera is hidden in a pop-up mechanism. The 18,000mAh battery would have been good for 90 hours of calling, 100 hours of music listening or 48 hours of video watching.

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