Criminal hackers extort German IT company that works for Oracle and Airbus

Criminals broke into Citycomp’s IT infrastructure and released sensitive customer data after the company did not respond to ransom demands. Citycomp’s customers include Oracle, Volkswagen and Airbus.

The attackers set up a website to disclose Citycomp customer data, Motherboard writes. Deutor Cyber ​​Security Solutions, a security firm contracted by Citycomp, confirmed to Motherboard that the digital break-in has occurred: “Citycomp has been hacked and extorted and the attack continues. the attackers try all the tricks.”

The criminals claim to have 312,570 files in 51,025 folders. In total, it would be 516GB of sensitive data, including financial data. They threatened to release the data on April 31, even though April only has 30 days. The files are now publicly available for download.

The attackers claim that the files are from Volkswagen, Airbus, Oracle, Ericsson, Leica, Toshiba, UniCredit, British Telecom, Hugo Boss, NH Hotel Group, and Porsche. This probably concerns the German branches since the German legal form GmbH is listed with the company names. Some files have been revealed from some companies, hundreds from others. According to Motherboard, the email address listed on the blackmailers’ site has been used more often in extortions.