Close encounter with ATi’s Radeon X800 GT

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HKEPC’s Chinese got their hands on two ATi Radeon X800 GTs and put them to the test felt. The Radeon X800 GT is expected to be released next week to take on nVidia’s GeForce 6600 GT. HKEPC received a 256MB copy of HIS, with 980MHz GDDR3 memory, while Grandmars provided a 128MB copy with 700MHz GDDR memory. In addition to testing the performance of both cards, it was also looked at whether additional pipelines could be used, unfortunately without success.

Both cards were compared with a 128MB GeForce 6600 GT and a 128MB GeForce 6800 LE. After running several tests, it can be concluded that the HIS with 256MB is the fastest. But Grandmar’s version also does a little better than both cards from nVidia. Only in Aquamark and Doom 3 are both cards from nVidia faster, unless a resolution of 1600×1200 pixels in Doom 3 is chosen. So it seems that with the X800 GT, ATi finally has a card that can compete with nVidia’s 6600 GT and 6800 LE.

Results 1280×1024 relative to 6600 GT
3DMark 2001SE X800 GT 256MB 105.6
X800 GT 128MB 100
6600 GT 100
6800 LE 99.9
3DMark 03 X800 GT 256MB 107.8
X800 GT 128MB 100.4
6600 GT 100
6800 LE 90.9
3DMark 05 X800 GT 256MB 108.2
X800 GT 128MB 101.9
6600 GT 100
6800 LE 86.3
Aquamark 3 X800 GT 256MB 89.1
X800 GT 128MB 85.6
6600 GT 100
6800 LE 74
doom 3 X800 GT 256MB 94.2
X800 GT 128MB 87.5
6600 GT 100
6800 LE 83.2
Half Life 2 X800 GT 256MB 113.5
X800 GT 128MB 105.2
6600 GT 100
6800 LE 87.6
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