Capcom re-releases DirectX 11 versions Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 after criticism

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Capcom is making the DirectX 11 versions of Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 available for PCs again after criticism from players. Capcom previously came up with newer versions of those games, which introduced ray tracing, among other things, but also had higher system requirements.

Capcom writes on Steam that the company is updating previous versions of the Resident Evil 2-remake, Resident Evil 3-remake and Resident Evil 7 is back on Steam after “an overwhelming response from the community.” Users can install the old versions through the Steam settings. Users can right-click on the Resident Evil game in question in their Steam library, select “properties” and go to the betas menu. In that menu, users can downgrade their game to version ‘dx11_non-rt’.

Capcom released an upgrade for the three Resident Evil games on Steam and current-gen consoles earlier this week. Those updates traded DirectX 11 for version 12 on PC, bringing with them better graphics with ray-tracing and improved 3D audio. As a result, the new versions had higher system requirements and the games no longer ran on older operating systems such as Windows 8. Players therefore complained that they could no longer run the game on their PC. Due to the updates, several mods stopped working.

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