Blurry WhatsApp Photos on Apple Watch? That’s how you get them sharp

Do you have an Apple Watch? Then you will receive notifications from WhatsApp. But once there is a photo, it is very blurry. You can’t see what’s in the picture at all. What now? There is an app for this problem too!

Apple Watch: WhatsApp photo blurred

WhatsApp does not have an app for the Apple Watch. Yet the messages arrive on your wrist because your Watch does transmit the WhatsApp notifications from your iPhone. In the case of photos, you will see a very blurry preview. You can’t open it on your Apple Watch either, so you still have to grab the photo for your iPhone with WhatsApp on it … unless you install an app like WatchChat.

Photos clearer with WatchChat 2

If you have WhatsChat on your Apple Watch, the photos will still come in very blurry. But then you can open the app on your watch and view them in it. That is how it works:

  • Install the app WatchChat 2 on your iPhone.
  • Follow the step-by-step plan to pair it with your Apple Watch.
  • Do you then receive a blurry WhatsApp photo on your Watch? Then open the WatchChat app.
  • Find the chat in which you received the photo.
  • The photo is sharp but still very small: tap it to see it in a larger size.

WatchChat is in any case a handy app if you want to WhatsApp more extensively from your Apple Watch. Want to get more out of your Apple Watch? Read our article Apple Watch tips | 48 features you don’t know yet.