iOS 15 beta 3 is out: 7 notable changes

Apple today released the third developer beta of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Notable are the changes in Safari, which Apple received a lot of criticism in the previous betas. Furthermore, some things have been fine-tuned.

iOS 15 beta 3

In June, Apple announced the new operating systems iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. They are currently being fully tested so that the software will soon run smoothly on the iPhone and iPad. The operating systems will be officially released in September, but anyone can already install the update. As in iOS 15 beta 2, Apple has fixed some bugs and tweaked some features. These are the most striking.

1. Address bar in the keyboard

In iOS 15, Safari’s address bar floats at the bottom of the screen. When you tapped it, the URL input interface moved to the top of the home page. Very irritating, many testers found. Apple has heeded the criticism, as the address bar is now integrated into the keyboard when inputting.

2. Reload in Safari

Reloading a webpage can be done in iOS 15 by pulling down a page. Apple has added one new option. Tap longer on the address bar and choose Reload.

3. Focus

Perhaps the biggest change from iOS 15 is Focus. With this function you determine exactly when you receive which notifications. For example, if you are at work, you will only receive work-related push notifications. They are kept quiet at home.

New in the third beta is that Apple has removed the Focus Status and Phone Calls options from the main window. They have now moved to every Focus section, which also makes a lot more sense.

4. Apple Music widget

The Apple Music widgets have been redesigned. They change color to match the album cover. They also show whether a song is playing or paused.

5. Transfer

In the Settings app, the ‘Reset’ option has been adjusted. It’s now called ‘Transfer or Reset iPhone’. It is striking that preparing for your new iPhone is now central here. By tapping “Get Started,” you’ll see what you need to do to make the smooth transition to your new iPhone.

6. Update with less storage space

The third beta allows you to install software updates with less available storage space. In iOS 15 and watchOS 8 beta 3, your device can be updated if less than 500 MB of storage space is available, according to Apple’s release notes.

This means good news, especially for users of the Apple Watch Series 3. The storage capacity there is only 8 GB, making it often impossible to install a watchOS update.

7. Notification options

If you swipe a notification to the left, the notification shows two separate buttons: Options and ‘Clear’. If you tap on the options, you will end up in a new interface. Here you have the option, among other things, to deliver a notification silently, or to turn off the notifications completely.