Apple Watch Series 5 has always-on display

The Apple Watch Series 5 has received a subtle but nice update. The most important innovation is that the screen is always on – so no more arm swings to see the time. In addition, there are new ceramic and titanium housings, and the Series 5 has a built-in compass.

 Apple Watch Series 5

Always-on display

The Series 5 puts an end to one of the biggest and oldest annoyances of the Apple Watch: you cannot subtly see what time it is because the screen goes off. That is now a thing of the past. The screen of the Apple Watch Series 5 is always on. But of course this concept is well developed.

If you turn the Watch away – the moment that normally the screen went off – the screen is dimmed. Not only does the intensity decrease, but all Watch faces and complications change with it. The refresh goes to 1Hz, so the screen is extremely economical and the battery still lasts for 18 hours. But one thing always remains legible: time. As soon as you raise your wrist, the watch comes back to life.

Built-in compass

The second major innovation is that the Series 5 has a built-in compass. This allows you to immediately see which way you are looking in navigation apps – just like on the iPhone. Other app builders can also use the compass in their apps. And of course, there is a special Compass app, which does everything you expect from a digital compass.

 Apple Watch Series 5 compass

Titanium and ceramics Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 5 is available in two new materials: titanium and ceramics. Titanium is completely new for the iPhone, ceramics was already an option for the Apple Watch Edition in the past.

The stainless steel model is available in gold, silver and space black. The aluminum case is available in silver, gold and space gray.

Prices and availability

The Apple Watch Series 5 is available from $ 399, making it just as expensive as the Series 4 was today. The Cellular version is three decades more expensive, but still not for sale. In addition, the Series 3 also remains on the shelves, it costs $ 199.

You can order the new Apple Watch Series 5 today, you will receive it on September 20.