iPhone 11 officially announced: you need to know this

Apple presented the new iPhone 11 during the Apple event in California tonight. It is this year’s entry-level model, but even then it is an excellent phone. The device has everything to become just as popular as its predecessor, the iPhone XR. This is what you need to know about Apple’s new iPhone.

Well-known design

The iPhone 11 has the now-familiar design of iPhone X family. That is, a front that is all screen, with narrow edges around it. At the top of the screen is the notch – you hate it or love it – which still has Face ID. The home button now seems a thing of the past on the iPhone. Last year the iPhone XR was known as the colorful device and this year is no different. There is a new color palette, with green and lavender as newcomers.

The iPhone 11 has, just like the iPhone XR, a 6.1-inch LCD screen, which Apple has called a “Liquid Retina Display”. This sets it apart from the more luxurious models that have an OLED screen. The screen extends all the way to the corners of the device, which are rounded. And it is the hardest glass ever.

iPhone 11 innovations

The biggest improvement this year is the new camera. Last year the XR had a single camera and the top device had a dual camera. So now the entry level model has two lenses. That has its advantages. There is now night mode, so you can also take beautiful and clear photos in the evenings. From now on you can also take portrait photos of your pet. Thanks to the ultra-wide camera, you can take a much nicer overview photo and finally zoom in without a loss of quality. Do you take a photo and keep the button pressed? Then you immediately make a video. No idea by the way what happened to the burst! If you take a video, you can easily switch back and forth between the two lenses.

The TrueDepth camera has also been improved. You use this camera for Face ID, but also for selfies. For the first time, you can make slow-motion selfies. Apple calls them “Slofies.” Face ID has evolved further and is a bit faster than before.

Furthermore, the iPhone has a new processor that makes it a bit faster and more efficient. This year we continue to count from the A12 chip to the A13 chip.

The iPhone 11 is a worthy successor to the iPhone XR, with a few nice upgrades. Especially in terms of photography, you are making progress. And that while the price is a bit sharper than before. But the word “innovative” that Apple used in the invitation of the keynote does not really apply to this device. It is clearly a further development of the XR last year. Yet this is the most logical choice for the average consumer. The other iPhone that Apple announced tonight clearly focuses on more professional users.