Apple releases iOS 11.4 with AirPlay 2

Apple has released iOS 11.4. The update adds support for Airplay 2, Apple’s wireless audio protocol. Users can play music on multiple speakers, such as the HomePod.

After implementing the update to iOS Version 11.4 users of the Apple Homepod speaker have the option of multiroom synchronization. This can also be done via an iOS device and speakers from other manufacturers that support AirPlay 2. Apple announced AirPlay 2 last year at its developer conference WWDC.
In addition, iOS 11.4 makes it possible to set two HomePod speakers as a pair for stereo sound. The released tvOS 11.4 update also allows an Apple TV 4K or Apple TV 4 to be used to play music in multiple places.
To stream music to a speaker that supports AirPlay 2, another iPhone is needed sends the music from the internet to the speaker. Only the HomePad speaker can connect to Apple Music independently of an iPhone with iOS 11.4 and independently stream music to other AirPlay 2 speakers.
With iOS 11.4, Apple has also introduced the iMessages in iCloud feature, which allows all messages in the iCloud are stored and synchronized directly between all iCloud devices. It is not only about iMessages but also text messages. Deleted messages disappear not only locally on the device used, but with all iCloud devices. Only the latest messages are still stored locally, leaving more storage space.