Valve removes ‘high school shooter’ from Steam

Valve removed the Active Shooter game from Steam, a week before the shooter was supposed to be released. According to Valve, the developer of the game about high school shootings is a troll and has previously been banned from Steam. In terms of content, Valve does not comment on the game.

The page about Active Shooter is no longer available on Steam, but can still be viewed via Google’s cache. In the game, players can choose to act as the shooter themselves, or as the SWAT team to neutralize the shooter.

The game came to the attention of relatives of the victims of the February shooting at an American school in Parkland, Florida, which killed 17 people. The relatives reacted shocked to the existence of the game and called on Valve to remove the game.

In a response to Motherboard, Valve says that the game has been removed and that the developer has also been banned from Steam in its entirety. The company claims that the person behind Active Shooter is a troll who has previously released games that have been removed. According to Valve, the developer has violated copyrights and manipulated reviews in the past.

Valve will not comment further on the game. The company says it will soon enter into a “wider discussion” about the content on Steam. Earlier this month, several makers of erotic games on the platform received a warning from Valve and ordered to adjust their games.