AMD Announces Radeon RX 7000 Graphics Cards Based on RDNA3 in November

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AMD confirms that the company will officially announce its RDNA3 graphics cards in a few weeks. The company will hold a presentation on Thursday, November 3, showcasing its next Radeon desktop graphics cards.

AMD RDNANovember 3

AMD CEO Scott Herkelman confirms that AMD will “introduce to the world” its RDNA3 architecture on November 3. The company is not sharing any further information about this yet. For example, it is not known when the RX 7000 series will be announced.

Details about RDNA 3 are still scarce, but AMD previously confirmed that this architecture will use chiplets. Recently a diagram of an RX 7900 XT PCB appeared, showing a GPU with graphics and six small memory chiplets. AMD also claims that RDNA3 delivers more than 50 percent better performance per watt than the current RDNA 2 generation.

AMD is making this announcement just hours before Nvidia presents its next generation of video cards. That company will hold a GeForce Beyond presentation Tuesday afternoon at 5 p.m., in which it will announce its first RTX 40 graphics cards. The first new RTX video cards are expected to be available in the course of October. AMD’s counterparts will therefore follow in November at the earliest.

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