Amazon allowed to test delivery drones in US

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Amazon is allowed to test its delivery drones in the US outdoors. That has been decided by the Federal Aviation Administration. Amazon previously threatened to continue its development abroad if the company was not allowed to conduct tests in the US.

So far, Amazon has been testing its delivery drones abroad, including in Australia. However, thanks to approval from the FAA, Amazon is now allowed to test the delivery drones in the open air, writes The Verge. These are tests, in which a pilot must always remain within sight distance of the drone. The pilot must also have an aviation certificate and be medically approved.

In the United States, hobbyists are allowed to play with drones, but for commercial purposes, aviation authorities must give permission. Amazon’s testing will take place in a closed area, away from airports, densely populated areas and military installations, the company promised.

Ultimately, Amazon hopes to be able to offer packages via drones in densely populated areas. Given the current regulations, that wish seems a long way off. Ultimately, in Amazon’s view, drones should largely replace traditional delivery vehicles on the road; Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said that could take another four or five years.

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