Google adds ‘Find my phone’ to Android Wear

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With the latest update of Android Wear, Google has added the ‘Find my phone’ function to the operating system for wearables. Until now, the function to track a lost phone only worked from a browser.

Google added the find-back feature to Android in August 2013 with the introduction of Android Device Manager. A browser had to be used to trace a phone.

Now Google has put that option in an update for Android Wear. The function is located under ‘Find my phone’ in the options menu. The function can also be called up by saying “Ok Google, Start Find my phone”, although the latter only works with Wear devices that are set to US English.

Finding a lost phone has become a lot easier since all major mobile operating systems offer the possibility to trace the phone using a browser. Apple first introduced the “Find my iPhone” feature in 2010, after which Microsoft added it in Windows Phone 7 and Google only added it in mid-2013.

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