AirPort Express now supports AirPlay 2

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Apple does not sell the AirPort Express anymore, but the router is certainly not neglected. A update this week brings the brand new AirPlay 2 to the Airport Express.

AirPort Express with AirPlay 2

When earlier this year it became known that Apple would stop the AirPort Express it promised that there would still be updates for the router. We thought that these only concerned the most essential aspects, for example, security aspects. But nothing is further from the truth: the AirPort now also supports AirPlay 2 through firmware update 7.8, which is Apple’s new standard for music, which makes multiroom audio possible. The update can be downloaded for the AirPort Express 802.11n from 2012.

After you have installed the update, you can use the AirPort together with other AirPlay 2 devices with at least iOS 11.4.1 . He then works together with, for example, the newer Sonos speakers, the Apple TV and HomePod. The AirPort Express does not have a built-in speaker, but an audio input where you can hang a speaker. Next, tap on your iPhone or iPad in the Home app on ‘Add accessory’ or on the plus at the top right.

Update AirPort Express

How to update your AirPort Express, read in our iTip AirPort Update Express, AirPort Extreme & Time Capsule.

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