AirPods 3: What’s New? This is what you can expect

Are you planning to buy new AirPods? Hang on a bit, because a new version is likely to be announced today. It is the third generation of the regular AirPods. What can you expect from it? These are the most striking rumors surrounding the AirPods 3.

New design

The first and second generations of the regular AirPods have the same design. But the third generation will probably look different. The ‘stick’ sticking out of your ear will be a bit shorter. In addition, the shape of the ear changes.

All in all, the future AirPods are very reminiscent of the current AirPods Pro – Apple’s more advanced version of the AirPods. However, they probably won’t get the rubber ear pads we know from the Pro. In that respect, the earphones are more like the current AirPods.

New box

A new design automatically means a new charging case. This is reminiscent of the somewhat wider charging box of the current AirPods Pro. We also expect the AirPods 3 to get better battery life again. You will especially benefit from this if you make a lot of (video) calls or meet via your AirPods, something more and more people are doing.

No noise cancellation…

It’s arguably the most important aspect of the AirPods Pro: noise cancellation. This mutes disturbing sounds from your environment, and you only hear the music you’re listening to. Do the AirPods 3 get noise canceling? Unfortunately, this is expected to remain an exclusive Pro feature for the time being.

… but some other Pro features

So no noise cancellation for the AirPods 3, but perhaps a few other functions that are currently exclusive to the Pro. Some examples:

  • Spatial audio. With spatial audio (also called surrond sound) it seems as if the sound moves around you. An extra step compared to stereo sound, where the sound comes from both sides.
  • Wireless charging. Until now, with the regular AirPods you could choose between a regular charging case and a wireless charging case (which is also wired charging). There was nothing to choose from with the AirPods Pro and you got the wirelessly rechargeable version anyway. That may now also become the standard for regular AirPods.
  • Better support for Find My. The AirPods Pro and the AirPods Max have recently added a nice feature. They can now be traced via the Find My network, even if they are outside your bluetooth range. The feature is not there for the regular AirPods 1 & 2, but it may be for the third generation.

AirPods 3 release: already tonight?

Tonight is the October Apple event. In addition to the new MacBook Pro 2021, we also expect the AirPods 3. According to the most recent rumors, you can already buy the AirPods 3 this week.