Adobe also wants to release Photoshop on iPad in 2019

Adobe has not yet announced it, but according to Bloomberg there will be a version of the image editing program for Apple’s iPad next year. At first you might think “yes five years late thanks Adobe” but the timing is not that weird. More and more professionals want to work on different devices and wherever they are, and the new version of Photoshop should make that possible. The media and entertainment customers of Adobe are apparently working more and more on tablets and so they also want to have a real Photoshop there.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud system has already removed proprietary programs such as Photoshop Illustrator and Indesign in favor of a subscription system, but the programs themselves are still one leg in the past. While alternatives are increasingly making it possible to work on one device and then proceed to the same elsewhere, that is not possible with Photoshop. The new version of the app should make that possible. Illustrator then follows, but that seems to take a little longer.

Also for casuals

Adobe is trying with the redesign of Photoshop not only to satisfy the power users, but also to catch the less educated users. This means that the program will get an interface that also works on mobile devices and that users of other edit functions will be familiar with other programs.

The app will not immediately replace Photoshop but will be offered alongside, perhaps under an alternative name. Adobe is already testing on the platform with Lightroom CC and a new video app called Rush. If Photoshop will soon be available on the iPad and makes use of all the possibilities that Apple’s tablet has (including the pen), that would be a good profit for Cupertino. Large competitor Surface (who just released a new affordable smaller model to compete) can, due to the presence of Windows, of course run Photoshop, but that advantage is going to lose Microsoft. Make sure that only the very latest models of the iPad (and especially the iPad Pro) will have the power to run the new Photoshop, because new version or not: that program eats memory and processor power.


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