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These Citroën glasses ensure that you are considerably less car sick

At first I thought it was a sort of belated April 1 joke, but the SEETROËN glasses from Citroën really do exist. It is a special pair of glasses that you only need to get into the car and that helps your brain to “see” the movement of the car while you’re driving, so that you could significantly reduce your car sickness. Car sickness is caused by the fact that your balance organ feels a movement, but your eyes say that you are stuck. If you are sensitive to that, that mismatch causes your body to think that you clearly have something inside that has confused you and then proceeds to action. Consequence: nausea, sweating, and if it is really wrong to surrender.

Citroën’s glasses have four glasses, but you just look straight through the middle two. The others are in the periphery of your view. All four edges of the glasses are filled with a colored liquid that moves with the car, so that your eyes get the same (albeit subtle) stimulus that your organ also gets. That, according to the automaker, means that up to 95% of the car sickness will go within ten minutes.

Finally on the phone

If those things work as well as Citroën says, that would be a huge outcome for the people who suffer from this. With those glasses on, you can just read a book in the back of a car or bus or (more realistically) peel your phone without having a feeling about it. The colored rings are also placed at the edge of your field of vision so that they do not get in the way of what you’re looking at, so it should also be less irritating. Not that this makes a difference: if you really suffer from car sickness you are already super happy that you are not sweating or chunking in the back, right?

The glasses are not overly expensive at a price of 100 euros, so many people will have the chance to see the “sold out” message on the order page . The first batch of new glasses is only expected again in September. Whether or not they really work as well as Citroën says is difficult to estimate, but common sense says it could work. You do not have anything to do with this holiday period if you have to drive for a long time, but perhaps keep an eye on it!

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