A new marketing trend: ephemeral marketing

Companies compete for attention with their marketing teams. There are endless possibilities for this. From traditional marketing, more and more organizations have switched to online marketing. A watertight social media policy and Google Adwords are indispensable to be seen. New trends and developments are always visible within online marketing.

Ephemeral marketing

One of these newcomers is ephemeral marketing. This is short-term content. This is a psychological trick, and people would often be sensitive to it. How did that happen?

Because of the fear of missing out (FOMO). People naturally do not want to lag behind. We do not want to miss anything, because we want to belong to it. We have always been group animals. If others have something, you want it too. That’s how we’re put together. This FOMO can be cleverly used as a marketing trick.

Fear of missing out

Behind FOMO are interesting psychological phenomena. Everything becomes more interesting when there is little of it and when it is almost necessary. The last bag of chips in the supermarket? You are extra happy with the chips, not because the chips are better than normal, but because it was the last. Scarcity, not for nothing one of Chialdini’s influencing techniques. The well-known op = on trick still works.

FOMO is a way to increase the pressure on people. For example, an instagram storie is only visible for 24 hours. Who would you like to see, before you are too late. Livestream videos can also be used by companies to bring out the FOMO feeling among people.