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Uber launches new app for drivers

Uber has two apps: one for us, and one for the drivers. That Driver App is now completely renewed. The update brings a number of important changes for drivers, who are focused on making their lives a little better. That starts with the earnings tracker: a clear overview at the top of the app that shows exactly what a driver has earned with the last ride and that from there also makes it easy to see how close they are to their goal of that day.

There is also a new status bar that provides real-time updates about the conditions around them and also shows opportunities for more trips in the neighborhood. If you tap a possible ride as a driver, you will immediately get navigation to that area via the app if you wish. Notifications also show drivers messages about possible chances on new trips, feedback from their passengers and information about their account.


There is also an improved driver profile. This gives drivers the opportunity to present themselves to potential customers. This allows passengers to learn more about their driver and that makes contact between the drivers and customers easier.

Not only has the app been improved for existing drivers, newcomers are also being taken care of. Driver App Basics is a comprehensive guide for novice drivers to familiarize them with the way Uber works (best). Unfortunately, it is not immediately available, but Uber says the manual will be available in the coming months.

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