5x HP Instant Ink user experiences

You consider the HP instant ink service and are looking for HP Instant Ink experiences from other people. Experience shows that HP instant Ink will make your printing life more enjoyable. Discover in this article how you can get experience with this service and what the experiences are of other Instant Ink users.

What is HP Instant Ink?

With the HP Instant Ink service pay you per page instead of per cartridge. It does not matter how much ink is needed for the page. Whether you print a page in black and white or a color photo, both prints cost the same. So you print everything you want with peace of mind and you’re never left with empty cartridges – that’s such a hassle. Your experience with printing becomes a lot more relaxed.

So there are a lot of advantages:

  • Your printer will automatically order the right cartridges when they are nearly empty
  • You save up to 70% on your original HP Ink costs
  • You’re not stuck with anything, you can always change or cancel the service
  • Do you use less ink than necessary? The pages you have left will take you to next month
  • It is environmentally conscious: put your old cartridges in the supplied bag they are recycled free for you

5x positive HP Instant Ink experiences

HP Instant Ink- cartridges contain more ink than XL cartridges, so you have to replace them less often. And they are automatically delivered, even before they are empty. Curious how this pleases other users? A few experiences from users of HP Instant Ink:

  1. “Do not worry about the ink shortage with your HP printer. HP Instant Ink knows the right time to send your new delivery. You are treated like a special someone with their smart cartridges that you can not get in the regular stores. Cheap too! “
  2. ” Know when ink needs to be shipped, so I do not have to buy anything at 1 a.m. (yes, I had to do that once!) “
  3. ” I work at home and thanks to HP Instant Ink I do not have to worry about running out of ink when I’m in the middle of the night or in the middle of a subsidy proposal. I love the program and tell all my friends !! “
  4. ” I’ve multiplied the cost of ink cartridges in the store by the number of times I usually replace them within a year, and that was more than twice of the price of the Instant Ink service. Furthermore, I do not even have to think about ink. I know I can print what I want, whenever I want. “
  5. ” Very economical and hassle-free printing. I no longer need to have photos printed in the kiosk and more importantly, I can print all the photos I want. “

Of course everyone has a different experience with Instant Ink. The advantage is that you can try it for free first, so that you can gain HP Instant Ink experience yourself. Opinions differ, and the best standard is always your own experience.

What does your printing life look like?

Printing is part of our lives. You may not think about it, but in total a lot of prints go through. Everyone in the family uses the printer. How beautiful it would be if you could use Instant Ink at home. In this hilarious video members from a family tell about their print life.

Would you like to gain experience with Instant Ink?

Try HP Instant Ink for free. With the print free plan you print 15 pages per month for free. Also the paid plans, with which you print more, you try out free of charge. This way you can gain HP Instant Ink experience yourself. Do you want to gain Instant Ink experience? Then choose the free print plan for 15 pages per month and gain experience.

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