GO Vacation misses the mark

With the temperatures that we already have weeks in the country, you do not really have to go on a holiday to the sun anymore. I am not a sunbather so I was happy that I could celebrate a different holiday. Nice inside the coolness and shadow with my Switch, nice GO Vacation review. Whether this was the better option of the two you can read below.

In GO Vacation you can play with lots of mini-games that are all sports related. No, lazing on the beach is not possible, because you really have to go to the box. Beach volleyball, surfing, racing on watercraft, it’s all going to happen. However, they are not just summer games, because you can get to work in four different locations. Water, snow, mountains, you really come everywhere. The game has more than 50 different minigames so there has to be a lot to experience.

Appearances are deceiving

However, you soon notice that the game is limping here. Yes, they are more than 50 minigames, but most of them really do not represent anything and are passed very quickly. A bit like a 10-course menu where each course consists of a small snack, all very nice, but you do not go out the door. The problem is also mainly in the virtually non-existent degree of difficulty. With various sports, it is only necessary to press a button at the right time because the characters themselves are already moving. There are also various assignments that are not very inspiring. The suspicion was already very fast that this game is aimed at really the smallest gamers, because even my eight-year-old son asked himself why it was all so simple. The only difficulty level is the control which is strangely set up and does not follow the familiar button layout of Nintendo games. Also, not every game properly explained what the layout is and you sometimes have to research yourself in the pause menu.

Graphically, the game is not that great either, and I do not want to mess around with the practically non-existent soundtrack. It is a pity that the makers have tried to imitate something like Wii Resort with many more mini-games, but that it fails miserably at every level.

HUB is doing something good

You can walk through the game to collect stamps from your adventures, but if you’re going to play it anyway, it’s better to do this with others. The game is playable with four players at once. So you can go skydiving together, a game of volleyball or scuba diving.

If you’re done with the mini-games you can go to the island hub. You can walk around freely through the areas and explore the island, on foot or by quad. You can also build your own holiday home here to camp in. No matter how crazy it sounds, it is still nice to tour the island a bit and to see what the NPCs are doing. If you drive to the mini-games yourself, the island is still quite large. Where the mini-games should have been the star of the game it is actually more fun to just walk around the island, which leaves you with a strange feeling.

Well, what do I do with it now? Is it all dredging? No, not that, because there are a few nice mini-games, but unfortunately the majority is not very inspiring or outright bad. They had better not focused on the quantity, but on the quality of mini-games and then put in less. The island hub is nicely set up, but never intended as the main attraction. It is really a game for the smallest gamers and perhaps a nice first step. Are you looking for some challenge then you have to leave the game far left of you and just get the Wii there again for Wii Sports or Wii Resort.

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