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Elon Musk will hide Atari games in Tesla software

Say what you want about Elon Musk, but just say it’s boring with him in the neighborhood. After his not so fantastic statements about the rescuers of the stuck football players in Thailand, he is on a completely different track this week: Tesla . Tesla’s software to be exact, because he announced that there are at least some classic Atari games in the new Tesla software update (version 9.0 now).

It is not clear how many games it is, but in the conversations that came on Twitter after the ‘announcement’ it appears that these are titles that Atari has the rights to, such as Pole Position, Tempest and Missile Command. Musk even said that racing game Pole Position could be played with the wheel of the car itself. Logically, only if the car is stationary!

More games in the car

But Musk wants to go even further than that. He called on developers to register with Tesla for a job. It is apparently the intention of Tesla to make ‘super fun’ games using the car, the touchscreen in the middle of the car and telephones. What Musk means exactly does not know anyone, but there were more than enough developers who were ready to pitch on Twitter.

An idea that came along was to have Tesla owners do something to each other when they came together with the cars, which Musk unhappily answered “something like that, but more with an adults in cars anime vibe “. Try to make chocolate out of that. We do not know if anything comes from this whole in-car entertainment idea.

Issue of priorities

Hell, nobody knows for sure if Tesla will reach the end of the year after it became known that more than $ 700 million was lost this quarter. Musk says the automaker will be profitable by the end of the year, but we have to see that. In that light, it may not be very important for Musk to focus on which games come in the Teslas. He can better focus on sustaining the 5000-Model 3’s-per-week pace of production. The 9.0 update will come to all Tesla models in about a month and we’ll see if there’s anything else to play.

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