YouTube lets Premium users enable picture-in-picture on iOS

YouTube users with a Premium subscription can enable picture-in-picture on iOS. The feature has now been released as an experimental feature that must be manually enabled by users. The experiment will run until October 31.

YouTube pip on Android

Users can now visit YouTube’s experimental features page, where they’ll see a Try it out button when signed in with a Premium account, 9to5Google reports. When pressing this button in picture-in-picture mode, the YouTube app will enable this feature. With picture-in-picture, users can watch a reduced YouTube video while using other apps. According to 9to5Google, pip works on both iPhone and iPad, although users may need to reinstall the YouTube apps.

It is an experimental function; so there may still be bugs. YouTube itself talks about a bug where locking the device causes the video to pause. Users can continue to play this video with the buttons in the lockscreen. The video service says it wants to improve this.

YouTube announced the picture-in-picture mode for iOS in June; then some Premium users in the US were able to use the mode. Later, the feature should also come to free iOS users, although it is not yet clear when. It is also unclear what will happen if October 31, the end date of the experiment, has passed. With Android, the pip mode can be used for some time with the YouTube app and a Premium account.