YouTube is experimenting with 60fps 4k videos

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YouTube has started trials to make video clips playable in 4k resolution and a frame rate of 60fps. Previously, video material with a 4k resolution and 60fps could be uploaded to the video platform, but that was not yet playable.

To be able to play the videos smoothly and in native resolution, suitable hardware is required, such as a monitor that can display 3840×2160 pixels. A fast internet connection is also required. Moreover, the range of 4k videos with a frame rate of 60fps is still very limited: a playlist that has been placed on the video portal by YouTube developers only contains six videos. YouTube therefore seems to want to experiment with such video material for the time being, for example to determine which bitrates are most suitable.

Google already introduced the ability to upload 4k video material in 2010, but this concerns videos with frame rates of 25 or 30 frames per second. Since December 2013, such clips can also be played via the player of the video platform.

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