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You will hear from Facebook if your data has been wrongly shared

Facebook has announced that they will today contact the users whose data were unjustly shared in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. You will not receive email, but a detailed message in your Facebook newsfeed, says The Guardian .

Now you can quickly see if you’re there, but the chances are you will not see a message. The chance that you miss it will be about zero, because we assume that Facebook will not try to give the message ‘normal’ priority so people can miss it. Yet you will probably not see anything: Americans have been hit by this incident, some 70 million in total.

Everyone warned

The rest of the victims are mainly in Great Britain, Indonesia and the Philippines (about one million per country) and then there are a few hundred thousand people in Australia, but probably peanuts in the Netherlands, despite the fact that everyone on Facebook has to assume that their data has somehow been compromised although it may not be because of this ‘leak’.
You also get a warning from Facebook anyway, but of a different nature. All 2.2 billion people on the social media site get a message that you have to make clear how you can protect your data on Facebook, a bit as we have already showed presumably.
While this is all going on, Mark Zuckerberg is in the curly hair with his hands, because he has to speak to the US Congress this week about the incident and its impact. Earlier, he said that Facebook deliberately harvested the profiles of users and built models to use them. “It was the basis of the whole company”, he told NBC. It does not look good for him but for now Zuckerberg just remains at the helm of Facebook.


That the company had a predatory policy also appeared when several people started to download their Facebook profiles in the context of #deletefacebook . There is a lot of damn brought in by Facebook, such as phone contacts and text messages (on Android phones), the latter even if people did not use Facebook Messenger. People are completely scared and rightly so: what Facebook has done over the years is almost criminal. And we have not seen it all (well enough).

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