Check out that beautiful new red iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Apple has a special (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition product every year and this year it has not become the iPhone X but the iPhone 8 (and the Plus). If you have forgotten: an unspecified part of the proceeds of all those products are used by Apple to help people living with AIDS .

Apart from the charity, this red iPhone is also a feast for the eyes. It gives the otherwise non-special phone a different appearance, although of course you do not have to wear a protective cover around it and ruin the effect. The screen is otherwise completely black (so no red border like the iPhone 7 last year ), but the aluminum shell is made completely red.

Everything is red

There is even a special dark red case made for the occasion, which is not made for the iPhone 8. The Leather Folio, made of special European leather according to Apple, is meant for the iPhone X. Both the case and the phone can be ordered from 10 April.
There is a lot more to get in red: there is a silicone case for the iPhone X, straps for the Apple Watch, a red Beats Solo3 headphone or Pill speaker and if you do not want a red Smart Cover for the iPad. So enough choice. Apple says it has already raised $ 160 million for (RED) in the past eleven years and that means a lot of people are helped with medicines and support, especially in poor countries. But even if you do not do it for charity: red is good at Apple and then you have a different color than the rest.