You want these gadgets for your smartphone!

To a smartphone, you basically have enough. Yet there are always handy gadgets that get even more out of your phone. You should see these nice gadgets for your smartphone!

Wireless charger

For some phones, there are useful wireless chargers for sale, where you just have to put your phone on to charge it. Many new phones have this function.

Case with built-in charger

Since nothing is as annoying as a nearly empty phone, we’ll just hang on to the chargers. There are also smartphone cases on the market that charge your phone. With a battery case you can use your phone for longer and it is also protected immediately.

Bluetooth tracker Tile

Are you a slodder fox that time and again loses stuff, like your smartphone? Tile consists of a Bluetooth card that you can paste on your smartphone. With the app Tile you can see where your smartphone is. There is also a variant with sound, where you have the Tile sound made to find the smartphone.

Car holder

If you want to navigate in the car on your phone, you do not have to dig to put it somewhere stable, leaning against a glove compartment or in the cup holder. A threshold and your phone are already falling. You will see that this happens when you just had to choose whether you had to go left or right. With a phone holder you prevent this misery.

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