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Sidewalk Labs unveils plans for Smart City

Sidewalk Labs is forging plans to turn the Eastern waterfront of the city of Toronto into Smart City “Quayside”. The plans are fine, given the ideas and illustrations that the company has brought out. What can we expect?

Smart city

A lot of wood. The buildings will be made of wood, using high constructions. Millions of square meters of wood will be used. Not everything has been given permission yet, so no one knows if the plans continue as they are now. The company wants to build 50-storey buildings, but they only have six floors in Toronto.

Besides the wood, there are also other interesting and innovative gadgets that will come to the Smart City. Streets that melt snow and stop wind in the neighborhood are just two examples of the wild plans. And then also streets especially for self-driving cars, which can distort on the basis of the time and the weather.


The smart neighborhood will also aim to keep people out in Toronto for longer. Rain jackets that are attached to buildings are among the possibilities. This will then automatically appear in rain and snow.

The houses themselves can also be adjusted. A couple that gets children may want an extra bedroom, but if they leave the house, they live smaller again. This can be realized in an adaptable house so that moving is less necessary.

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