Xiaomi Mi A2 Review

In summary

The Mi A2 could well become one of the most popular phones of 2018. He offers a lot for his price range. Xiaomi has chosen Android One, so the software is clean and works fine. The screen offers a high contrast, but it can not be bright enough to always be able to read outside. The 3.5mm jack for headsets is also missing and that is a shame. The battery life is fine, but certainly not very good. The camera is among the best in this price range. All in all it is difficult to find a better phone for this money.

Final verdict

Why does Xiaomi use Android One ? The Chinese manufacturer plays the game a bit differently than other manufacturers.Where many manufacturers choose the highest possible margin on the phone, Xiaomi wants to make money from extra services that people shut down after buying the device.It sees itself emphatically as Internet company, more like an Amazon than an Apple – in fact, Xiaomi has promised its shareholders never to take more than five percent margin on a phone.
Conquering the world with its own skin Miui does not seem an easy task: its appearance, functionality and services are all focused on the Chinese market Now that Xiaomi is officially available in more and more countries
The Mi A1 was the first step of Xiaomi, a rarified Mi 5x with Android One. This year there are two devices with Android One. The Mi A2 is a Mi A1 with a longer screen and a new soc, and without 3,5mm jack. The Mi A2 Lite has a screen with notch and has older hardware. In this review we look at the more expensive Mi A2.