Apple removes more apps from Mac App Store that steal browser history

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Apple removed some apps from the Mac App Store that misused access to the Home directory to upload users’ browser history to their own servers. One of the apps was in the top twenty most popular free apps in the download store for macOS.

It’s about the apps from a developer named ‘Trend Micro’, reports 9to5 Mac . The apps have names like Dr. Unarchiver and Dr. Cleaner and promise users, among other things, to remove unnecessary files on the storage. That is why they request access to the Home directory, after which they upload a zip file with user data to a server set by the developer.
The working method is similar to that of Privay 1st, an app that Apple just before the weekend removed . Both Privacy 1st and these new apps were among the more popular apps in the download store and Dr Unarchiver was the number twelve in the top list of free applications in the download store at the time of removal.
Apple did not respond to the findings that some of the most popular apps in the Mac App Store were found to collect user data. It is unknown how many users have received data from the developers.

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