Software update: Ditto

 Ditto logo (75 pix) A new version of Ditto has become available. This program adds all kinds of functions to the standard Window clipboard. This makes it possible, among other things, to paste items previously placed on the clipboard, the clipboard can be synchronized between different computers whereby data is transmitted encrypted, and the data on the clipboard can be stripped of the format code. The following changes and improvements have been made in this publication:

Changes in version

  • Per monitor dpi awareness
  • Added chocolatey install support
  • Show image size in the description window
  • Show HTML in the description window
  • Show a message when there are no search results
  • Added command line option to paste plain text / PlainTextPaste
  • Special Paste option to trim white space
  • Added the Slovak language
  • Updated Chinese language file
  • Updated French language file
  • Show on window
  • Sort on column click in delete 19659004] Use PROCESS_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION to find process names, PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION was returning error on some processes, mainly qt apps
  • Added option to return to top level up is selected
  • Added more functions to scripting
  • Allow left / right control and left / right shift keys to be set as {vkey} keys
  • Handle shift mouse wheel to scroll horizontally
  • Show folder path in the description window
  • Added shortcuts to manipulate transparency – toggle transparency – increase / decrease transparency
  • Show clip group path in tooltip and description
  • Removed replacing ‘when’ in the properties window
  • Fixed issue with refreshing thumbnails after opening properties window
  • Removed local help files, point to Ditto wiki on SourceForge
  • Refresh window when changing themes
  • Allow multiple quick past texts
  • Output 32 vs 64 bit build in options – about
  • Added back by setting to disable expire config clips
  • Reset modifier keys when opened through the command line