World of Warcraft has 100 million accounts

World of Warcraft has reached the record 100 million accounts in its ten years of existence. As a result, WoW now has twice as many accounts as there are people living in South Korea, as Blizzard puts it. Over the years, we have logged in from Antarctica, among other places.

One hundred million accounts does not mean that World of Warcraft also has 100 million players, as reported at the top of the infographic. Many players have multiple accounts of the mmorpg and in addition, every login with the trial version of the game is also counted as an account.

Those hundred million accounts were used to create a total of 500 million characters. Just over half of those characters have joined the Alliance: 52 percent versus 47 percent for the Horde. That last one percent is neutral. In other words, those are characters who never made it out of the first area. Of all the pets that can be towed in the world, the squirrel is the most often chosen. The animals are used daily in 3.6 million different pet battles. In addition, 900,000 PvE events and 670,000 PvP events take place in Azeroth every day.

Blizzard is releasing this information after Riot Games, the development studio behind League of Legends, announced that 27 million people play their game every day, which by the way is free. Last year, when Blizzard last announced the amount of WoW subscribers, the game had 7.7 million paying players. In the heyday of the mmorpg, there were 12 million. It is not certain whether this downward trend will continue. Blizzard has at least announced another expansion for its game: Warlords of Draenor. It is unknown when it will be released.