Start-up releases small and cheap smartphone cable tester

The start-up Pockethernet will soon start a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in an effort to raise enough money to be able to market the cheap cable tester of the same name. The Pockethernet is linked to a mobile phone.

The Pockethernet consists of a small box that can test the quality of Ethernet cables. In addition to offering a so-called wiremap, the Pockethernet can also determine the length of network cables and check for short circuits and split pairs, among other things. The voltage of power-over-ethernet connections can also be measured. There are also options for network analysis, such as executing dns, ping, traceroute and determining link speeds.

All measurements carried out with the Pockethernet box can be read out on an iOS or Android smartphone thanks to a Bluetooth connection. Incidentally, the measurements can be performed up to and including gigabit Ethernet connections. The 200 gram box must be charged via a micro USB connection. The battery could last up to 8 hours.

The makers claim that the Pockethernet, with a target price of $150, is significantly cheaper than professional Ethernet esters, which quickly cost more than $1,000 each. The Pockethernet has yet to be launched on the market. The founders of the start-up hope to collect the last $50,000 with a crowdfunding campaign. It kicks off Thursday on Indiegogo.