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With this Jet suit you will feel completely Iron Man

If you’ve ever seen Iron Man and have been eager to hope that you too could last for a long time as Tony Stark, we have good news: that fantasy has come a lot closer. A company called Gravity Industries (good name also) has shown a prototype of what they themselves call a jet suit. That thing literally does what the Iron Man suit does, be it with slightly more protrusions and with less speed.

The thing has 1050 horsepower in the six jets that are attached to your hands and back, which means that you are so into the air and can hover at about 30 kilometers per hour. That seems like a speed that the average elderly person on an electric bike also easily maintains, but is a record for this type of transport. The feeling is of course the big difference with traditional jetpacks, because your arms do not play such a big role in making progress.

‘Simply’ for sale

In the video you can see how agile the Jet suit is. The thing can effortlessly keep a jetski going back and forth and although it seems that the sounds coming from the jet suit are mounted in there and do not match the real noise it is still remarkable how good this works.

The best thing is that this is not a prototype in the sense that perhaps once a variant will be for sale: you can already buy a jet suit yourself. Do you have to pay 380,000 euros for fat, but just pretending to be Iron Man has no price, right? Whether you should use the thing in the Netherlands and whether you do not immediately hit the ground because you do not know how to fly with it are completely different questions, but it is fat.


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