Sending voice messages via LinkedIn is now possible

Social platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook already had the option to send voice messages. Via LinkedIn this is now also possible. This allows people to communicate faster and easier with connections.

Voice messages via LinkedIn

The voice messages can only be sent via a direct message. They are not shared on the timeline. The new option probably makes WhatsApp less necessary in business terms. Voice messages in the inbox may also be more attractive to listen to than just text messages. According to LinkedIn, the messages are more useful than phone calls or voicemails, because users can listen to it later. Furthermore, people could express themselves better via a voice message than via text.

Distributed opinions

The opinions about the new position of LinkedIn are divided. For example, sending a voice message is safer in traffic. It is also a quick way of communicating. Yet the question is what the function actually adds to LinkedIn. People sometimes find messages via LinkedIn irritating, and voice messages go a step further. But maybe it is useful in some situations. For example, a connection that you have added to an event may send you a voice message about what you have discussed and its subsequent steps.

The new option is not yet available for everyone. The coming weeks it will be rolled out worldwide for iOS and Android.

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