Vuzix shows glasses with microLED screens for displaying smartphone notifications

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Vuzix has shown the concept of glasses that show the user images by means of projection from a micro LED screen. It is currently a monochrome screen, but an RGB version is also in the works.

For the microLED screens, the American Vuzix is ​​working together with the Chinese Jade Bird Display, both companies say. The microLED screens enable high resolutions on small surfaces: the pixels are around 1 micron in size, about the same size as the pixels of, for example, camera sensors for telephones. These micro LED screens project the image into the glasses of the glasses.

The glasses that are under development can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi, although there are also models with 4G. There is also a camera, but it is unknown what exactly Vuzix does with it.

The glasses also contain microphones to suppress noise and speakers to let sound be heard. The intention is not to make glasses for augmented reality, but it seems to be more about displaying notifications from the connected smartphone. You can also call and listen to music. The further exact specifications are not yet known. Vuzix usually makes products for the business market. The new glasses should be available from this summer.

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