Visiting Santa in Harrods? That will cost you 2000 pounds!

The upscale Harrods department store in London always has a big impact around Christmas. This year the department store will also be transformed into a fairytale-like environment, including Santa Claus. But if you want to visit Santa Claus, you have to pay a lot of money.

Only rich children can come to visit

Children can only visit him if their parents have spent at least £ 2000 (more than € 2300) in the department store. And that leads to quite a fuss. Only children with rich parents now get the chance to visit Santa Claus in his diamond-encrusted cave. Many British think that this ignores the Christmas spirit. There were a few individual tickets for a visit (for £ 20 each), but these have long since sold out.

160 free tickets to win

After all the fuss, Harrods set up an action to give the children of other customers a chance to visit Santa Claus in his cave for 10 minutes. The department store provides 160 tickets for this, representing 4% of the total number of visits. That ‘costs’ the department store only € 3700, while it earns almost €100,000 from the cave of Santa Claus. Next week, on November 15, the cave will open and Harrod’s 5.5 weeks will earn huge sums on all visits around Christmas .

“Every year we are overwhelmed by requests for this special experience, and we do our utmost to facilitate this. We want to make a visit to the Cave as magical as possible, and tickets are extremely limited due to the number of slots we have in the store Unfortunately, we simply cannot meet the demand for the number of places, ” a Harrods spokesperson told The Guardian.
Tiffany’s advent calendar
Harrods also sells Tiffany’s exclusive advent calendar. For this you have to make a small fortune. The calendar, with 24 compartments, contains exclusive jewelry from Tiffany’s and can be purchased for approximately €120,000. Behind every box you will find a ‘gift’ that costs between 116 and 15,000 euros. The calendar is very exclusive, there are only 4 copies made. One of these limited edition advent calendars is, or will be, sold by Harrods.