Version of RX 460 with 1024 stream processors released

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In China, a version of the AMD Radeon RX 460 video card has appeared in which all 1024 stream processors of the Polaris 11 chip are available. Normally 128 of these processors are disabled.

VideoCardz found the card on Sapphire’s Chinese website. Because the full Polaris 11 chip is available with this version of the RX460, the video card theoretically performs fourteen percent better than the standard version, with only 896 of the 1024 stream processors activated.

The manufacturer that produces the video card is Sapphire. It is equipped with the cooler that the manufacturer also mounts on the other versions of the RX 460. Furthermore, it has 4GB gddr5 ram and runs at a clock speed of 1250MHz, which is a small overclock compared to the boost speed of 1200MHz that the standard version has.

Last month it was discovered that it was possible to flash a bios update on some versions of the RX 460 that ensures that all stream processors are available. This involved some cards from Asus and Sapphire. Presumably this was the bios of the new card, which had been leaked prematurely. The fact that a bios version for the Asus cards was also available suggests that Asus is also working on an RX 460 with the full video chip available.

Because the video card can only be seen on Sapphire’s Chinese website, it is not certain whether the card will also be available outside of China. Earlier, a cheaper version of the RX 470 was introduced in China, called the RX 470D. This map was never published outside of China either.

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