‘1.1 million user accounts forum Clash of Clans developer stolen’

The forum of Supercell, the developer of the popular mobile game Clash of Clans, was the target of a hack. Usernames, IP addresses, e-mail addresses and hashed passwords have been stolen.

Supercell informs its users through the forum in question itself, but does not mention any numbers. The type of encryption of the passwords is also unknown. Motherboard owns part of the database and is able to provide more information. In total, there would be 1.1 million accounts and Motherboard has been able to verify the authenticity of several accounts. The break-in is said to have taken place in September of 2016 and the vulnerability that made it possible has been fixed. The forum runs on vBulletin. The accounts for Supercell’s own games have not been affected.

Forum members are advised to change their passwords. If they use the same password on other websites or services, they must also be changed. The vBulletin software has also been targeted in other forum hacks, such as the Funcom forums and those of Canonical and Clash of Kings.