Uber has been sued for stealing data from 50,000 drivers

A driver has sued Uber for stealing the data of 50,000 drivers. The lawsuit alleges that the company has not done enough to prevent the data from being stolen. It is a class action lawsuit that others can join.

The charges have been filed in a San Francisco court, Reuters reported. One of Uber’s drivers, named Sasha Antman, has filed the case and it is possible for other drivers to join. The lawsuit aims to claim damages after the data of approximately 50,000 drivers was stolen during a hack. In the indictment, an amount of 5 million dollars is mentioned, converted about 4.76 million euros.

According to the prosecutor, Uber has not done enough to prevent the theft of personal data. He also blames Uber for taking a long time to publicize the hack and its consequences. Uber has not yet responded to the complaint.

Uber revealed at the end of last month that the data of 50,000 drivers had been stolen. The hack itself already took place last year, but was only made public by the company after an investigation. Uber has filed a complaint to speed up the investigation of the perpetrators. According to the taxi company, there are no indications that the stolen data is being misused.