Microsoft abandons investment in Android software maker Cyanogen

Microsoft would have negotiated an investment with Cyanogen, but the two would not have come to an agreement. However, Microsoft would still be interested in providing its software with the Android-based CyanogenMod.

This is reported by Bloomberg news agency, citing its sources. It is unclear where exactly the talks got stuck. Despite canceling the investment, Microsoft would still be interested in a commercial deal with Cyanogen. Such an agreement may allow Microsoft apps to be included on CyanogenMod installations.

Meanwhile, Cyanogen does get investments from other companies. This raised an amount of approximately 110 million dollars, according to Bloomberg. Converted that is about 105 million euros. With the investments, Cyanogen probably wants to increase its market share in the Android software market.

The Wall Street Journal previously ran rumors that Microsoft might be considering investing in Cyanogen. A possible investment would be striking because Microsoft offers a competitor for Android with Windows Phone. However, the company has been looking at Android for some time: it previously appeared that a deal has been concluded with Samsung for the delivery of Microsoft software on the Galaxy smartphones.