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Twitter is working on an encrypted chat function within the app

Encrypted communication is a hot topic at the moment and it seems that Twitter is also going to participate. Student Jane Machun Wong found the new ‘secret conversation’ feature on Twitter for Android and it seems to be incorporated into the DM function of the social media app. As you can see in the tweet it is also possible to view the encryption keys of both yourself and your chat partner in the app.

Protected sources

It would be a welcome addition to the functionality of Twitter, because the platform is used a lot for news and a surefire method to be able to chat with, for example, a journalist without consulting organizations and governments. Everyone is trying to make the most secure chat app and Twitter would be a good alternative to fully secure DMs with end-to-end encryption if Telegram, Signal or other apps are not available or blocked.
None other than Edward Snowden asked for such a function last year and it was said that it was a reasonable request, but the introduction of the function in the Android client is therefore probably only the beginning. The slightly more security-centric iOS will get the function – if it works properly – fast, we guess. Officially, Twitter has not yet responded to the leakage of the new feature, but the reaction of CEO Jack Dorsey on the news speaks in that sense, volumes …

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