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Android Things 1.0 should make the Internet of Things safer

Google has been working for a while to make Android Things and this week (not coincidentally as well as with Google I / O) has been announced that Google is ready for version 1.0. The operating system for the Internet of Things is a very minimized version of Android that also runs on devices with very minimal specifications, such as smart speakers, screens and other devices that can not lack too much processing power and have little memory. This includes the Raspberry Pi, for example.

Google wants to bet on this market because until now it appears that the Internet of Things is far from safe . It is therefore the intention that Android Things will become hack-proof, although the experience has to prove whether that is true. Android on telephones has also not exactly turned out to be a heavily fortified fortress so hopefully the things version of the operating system will do better.

Automatic Updates

Basically, at least some thought has gone into it: all devices with Android Things 1.0 receive support for over-the-air updates so that new safety and stability patches are constantly the devices can be set and these updates are automatically done by default. Google promises at least three years of updates for this version of Android and after that you can even push other patches to the devices with Android Things as developer.

There are already partners for the OS, because LG and iHome already have smart speakers with Android Things and smart displays of LG and Lenovo and JBL already have the operating system. They also have opportunities such as Google Assistant – and Google Cast support and will be on the market by the summer. Google itself says that the system is also very suitable for prototypes to experience, but in the end it would be especially interesting to have an Internet of Things system that is longer than it is in the factory is safe, because there is as yet the biggest problem with the Internet or shit .

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