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Avengers Infinity War X Fortnite Battle Royale: ultimate crossover?

Retepopular game Fortnite is going to do a crossover with Marvel, specifically the Avengers: Infinity War universe. The ‘limited time mashup’ starts May 8 and effectively means that as long as the crossover takes place in every game of Fortnite Battle Royale you can find the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos. If you find that, your character will change to Thanos and you will also “get all the powers involved”.

Spoilers for Infinity War, if you do not know anything about it: one of those powers that Thanos would have with a fully filled Infinity Gauntlet is to ‘remove’ 50 percent of the characters in the universe, or instant kill of half of the players, but at random. We have to wait and see if that is in the game, but that would be very bizarre, especially if you as ‘Thanos’ could also belong to that 50 percent and there is a chance that you kill yourself.

Anyway, maybe the forces you get are a bit more subtle (even though that big ‘snap’ at the top of the teaser last on Twitter could not be much clearer) and Thanos can just kick ass in a jar. We will experience it tomorrow because then the temporary event will be available for all platforms where you can play Fortnite Battle Royale.

The reason for the crossover is funny: the brothers Russo, who directed Infinity War, were themselves fans of Fortnite and played the game between editing Infinity War as a break. From there they contacted Epic Games and that co-operation resulted from this. Apparently, it was important for both parties that the collaboration should be authentic, but they are all very satisfied with how temporary mode came out. Hopefully, the players will find that from tomorrow too!

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