‘Toyota will support Android Auto’

The Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has reportedly signed an agreement with Google to eventually support Android Auto. Bloomberg reports this on the basis of various sources that would be familiar with Toyota’s plans.

Toyota may come in October with an official announcement about the direct support of Android Auto, as reports one of the sources . A spokesperson for Toyota confirmed to Bloomberg that there is a demand for support for Android Auto and that a direct form of support is being considered, but he did not want to confirm the rumor. Google refused to comment.

The Japanese car manufacturer announced early this year that it would integrate Apple CarPlay in its cars, but then there was no mention of support for Android Auto. The Android system could already be used with, for example, Ford’s SmartDeviceLink, but that has its limitations.

Recently, the auto alliance of Renault, Mitsubishi and Nissan announced that they had signed an agreement with Google. From 2021, Android will be integrated into the infotainment systems of new cars from the three manufacturers, so that Google Maps, Assistant and the Play Store are built in. This is different from the support for Android Auto, which basically displays the information from the driver’s smartphone on a screen in the dashboard.