‘Panasonic and Sigma come with full-frame cameras with L-mount’

According to new rumors, Panasonic is presenting two full-frame cameras this week with the Leica L-mount. Sigma would also work on a camera. The Panasonic cameras get sensors that have been designed in-house.

According to 43rumors, the content of the new rumors is almost certain. No details are yet known about Sigma’s full-frame camera, but the website states that the manufacturer will at least work on a device. Whether Sigma uses its own sensor is not clear. Furthermore, the manufacturer will make lenses and adapters for the system.

The website has heard from sources that Panasonic comes with two cameras: a high-end model with a sensor of about 50 megapixel and a cheaper camera with a sensor of 20 megapixel . In both cases these are full-frame sensors that Panasonic would design and manufacture.

According to the rumors, both cameras get a 4k60fps film function and a stabilized image sensor. The top model would get a pixel-shifting mode with which photos can be made in a 150-megapixel resolution. With such a technique, the stabilization mechanism is used to shift the sensor a small distance each time. By taking several photos in succession and combining them, an image with a very high resolution is created.

Furthermore, according to the rumors, the two cameras get a double slash. In any case, one of the slots would be suitable for SD cards. The top model probably costs less than the Sony A9, that top model of the competitor currently costs 4200 euros. What the price is for the cheaper Panasonic camera is not yet clear.

The two Panasonic cameras are expected to be announced Tuesday and would be available around March 2019. The manufacturer also announces three lenses according to the rumors: a 24-70mm, 70-200mm and a 50mm. The maximum diaphragm opening is not yet known.

There are no photos published online of the new cameras, but 43rumors states that the Panasonic models would look similar to the G9. The image below is a mock-up of the existing G9 with the Leica L mount and sensor.

Last week came out that Panasonic, Leica and Sigma work together on a full frame camera system that uses the same L view as the existing Leica SL Type 601 camera. The manufacturers will probably announce their collaboration and products at the Photokina exhibition in Cologne on Tuesday.


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