Toshiba to start shipping internal and external 6TB HDDs in May

Toshiba will launch hard drives with a storage capacity of up to 6TB in May. External models in the Canvio series with USB 3.0 interface get this amount of storage, as do internal 3.5″ HDDs with SATA600 interface.

Toshiba has not yet released many details about the new models. The internal drives will be type number PH3600U-1I72 and the external drives will be available as HDWC260XK3J1. From the accompanying image collection, it can be concluded that there will also be 3TB and 2TB variants of the new drives.

The hard drives will be available in May for the US and Canada, and the price for both the internal and external 6TB models will be $369. Converted and with VAT, that is 422 euros. It is likely that the discs will be released in Europe not long after the US release.